Microsoft ramps up plans khổng lồ make its data centers less thirsty

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Microsoft ramped up its commitments today lớn conserve water và energy in its data centers, laying out new cooling tech & strategies that could push notoriously thirsty & energy hungry servers past their current limits. The company’s latest environmental pledge comes as it plans to lớn dramatically expand the number of data centers it operates around the world, a move that could put more áp lực on drought-stricken communities unless the company finds ways lớn use less water. Microsoft plans to slash the amount of water its data centers use by 95 percent by 2024, with the goal of “eventually” eliminating water use. That builds on a commitment it made last year khổng lồ become “ water positive ” by the kết thúc of the decade, meaning it would replenish more water than it uses for its operations. In 2020, Microsoft also committed khổng lồ becoming carbon negative by the same deadline, meaning it plans to draw down và store more planet-heating CO2 than it releases. Microsoft also announced … about Microsoft ramps up plans to make its data centers less thirsty

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White House launches comprehensive plan for cryptocurrency regulation

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In an executive order issued Wednesday , President Biden laid out comprehensive strategy for the federal government’s treatment of cryptocurrency, the white house nhà trắng announced on Wednesday. The white house described the executive order as “the first ever, whole-of-government approach lớn addressing the risks and harnessing the potential benefits of digital assets and their underlying technology.” “The rise in digital assets creates an opportunity lớn reinforce American leadership in the global financial system và at the technological frontier,” the white house nhà trắng said in a release describing the order , “but also has substantial implications for consumer protection, financial stability, national security, and climate risk.” Among other measures, the order will direct the Commerce Department to develop a comprehensive framework “to drive U.S. Competitiveness và leadership in, and leveraging of digital asset technologies,” per the release. The order also encourages the Federal … about white house nhà trắng launches comprehensive plan for cryptocurrency regulation

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The Best game android VPNs for 2022

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Our Experts Have Tested 22 Products in the VPN Category in the Past Year Since 1982, PCMag has tested & rated thousands of products lớn help you make better buying decisions. ( See how we kiểm tra .) What Is a VPN? When you connect to a virtual private network, or VPN , it routes your website traffic through an encrypted connection lớn a vps operated by the VPN company. An observer will see all your website traffic (and the traffic of other VPN customers) flowing in và out of the VPN server, not your app android device. Also, when you"re connected lớn a VPN, your true IP address is hidden. All a snooping advertiser or scurrilous spy will see is the IP address of the VPN server. This protects your privacy but also makes it harder for anyone to lớn discern your location because IP addresses are distributed geographically. All this helps protect your privacy online. Advertisers và corporations are eager khổng lồ know your habits, but a VPN makes it harder for them to lớn track you online. A VPN … about The Best app android VPNs for 2022

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Xbox consoles can now download updates in Energy Saver mode

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Microsoft is making improvements to lớn its Energy Saver mode on Xbox consoles. While Xbox owners have traditionally had to enable Standby mode lớn continue getting game and system updates while consoles are powered off, the Energy Saver mode will now support downloading updates in the background. “Now, system và game updates can be downloaded during Energy Saver mode, further saving energy,” explains Dave McCarthy , corporate vice president of Xbox operations. “Energy Saver mode consumes about trăng tròn times less power than Standby mode when the console is not being used or receiving updates.” Microsoft has now made Energy Saver mode the mặc định option when Xbox owners initially set up a console. The Energy Saver mode does mean it’s slower to resume your Xbox, particularly on older Xbox One consoles. The latest Xbox Series S / X consoles boot so quickly that the tradeoff in energy use is definitely worth enabling Energy Saver, especially coupled with game & system updates supported in … about Xbox consoles can now tải về updates in Energy Saver mode

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Google Glass adds voice controls for navigation, Path, & Evernote

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Google Glass" monthly software update released yesterday brought new controls for video playback, new voice commands for navigation, better integration with Path and Evernote, & new types of updates from Google Now. In the maps application, new contextual voice commands like "Show route overview," "Hide route overview," and "Stop directions" let the user control the route guidance without hands, Google said. Additionally, users can now add voice commands from third-party apps to the main menu. "We"ve hooked up with Path and Evernote to offer two new voice actions from the trang chủ screen," the release notes state. "You can now update your Path feed by saying "OK Glass, post an update." Similarly, sending a chú ý to Evernote is as easy as saying "OK Glass, take a note." khổng lồ see the new voice actions in your voice action menu, you"ll need Path và Evernote Glassware turned on from the MyGlass apk app or website. This is just the beginning. More Glassware will tư vấn these and new … about Google Glass adds voice controls for navigation, Path, and Evernote

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Dynetics reporting “outstanding” progress on F-1B rocket engine

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Back in April, we covered the efforts of Huntsville-based Dynetics khổng lồ design a new, monstrous, liquid-fueled engine for NASA"s Advanced Booster Competition . The engine is a new high-thrust, kerosene/liquid oxygen thiết kế based on the F-1 engine that powered the Apollo-Saturn V launch vehicle in the 1960s, & getting up khổng lồ speed on building a new kerosene/liquid oxygen engine has relied on some creative and exciting rocket archaeology by NASA. The Advanced Booster Competition"s goal is khổng lồ design the two strap-on boosters that will attach to lớn NASA"s upcoming Space Launch System heavy lift rocket. There are several competitors in the contest; the popular front-runner is Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster manufacturer ATK, with its solid fueled Dark Knight booster. However, Dynetics (with their Pratt Whitney Rocketdyne partners) hopes khổng lồ win the competition with its liquid-fueled booster, currently codenamed Pyrios after one of the fiery horses that drew Apollo"s chariot … about Dynetics reporting “outstanding” progress on F-1B rocket engine

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