bai tap ve to v va ving co dap an violet

Trắc nghiệm giờ đồng hồ Anh về Ving và vĩ đại V

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  • Choose the best answer:

  • 1. Many young people are fond of ________________ football and other kinds of sports.

  • 2. They couldn’t help _______________ when they heard the little boy singing a love tuy vậy.

  • 3. Your house needs ______________ .

  • 4. I remember _____________ them vĩ đại play in my garden.

  • 5. It was a nasty memory. Do you remember both of us wearing sunglasses vĩ đại avoid ________________ by the supervisors?

  • 6. I can’t bear thinking back of that time. I’d rather ___________ equally.

  • 7. Did you accuse Nam of ___________ a plate? Well, I saw him __________ it off the table with his elbow.

  • 8. We found it very difficult _____________ with Gamma.

  • 9. I can’t read when I am traveling. It makes bầm _____________ sick.

  • 10. I need ___________ what’s in the letter. Why don’t you let bầm ___________ it?

  • 11. I suggest ______________ some more mathematical puzzles.

  • 12. We regret ___________ you that we cannot approve your suggestion.

  • 13. The driver stopped _____________ a coffee because he felt sleepy.

  • 14. Have you ever considered ______________ a pharmacist?

  • 15. You had better ____________ at trang chính until you feel better.

  • 16. I remember __________ my mother said the grass in the garden needed __________.

  • 17. Peter sometimes helps his sister --------------.

  • 18. I would rather ___________ at trang chính kêu ca ___________ out with you.

  • 19. I would rather you ______________.

  • 20. She didn’t say a word and left the room.

  • 21. My father wanted bầm ______________ a pilot.

  • 22. Please wait a minute. My quấn is busy ____________ something.

  • 23. My teacher doesn’t allow us ______________ while he is explaining the lesson.

  • 24. We have plenty of time. We needn’t ________________.

  • 25. I promised ____________ on time. I mustn’t ______________ late.

  • 26. Mary and I are looking forward _____________- you.

  • 27. I don't enjoy .... very much. (drive)


  • 28. I don't want .... out tonight.I'm too tired. (go)

    vĩ đại go

  • 29. I can't afford .... out tonight. I don't have enough money. (go)

    vĩ đại go

  • 30. Has it stopped .... yet? (rain)


  • 31. Our team was unlucky vĩ đại lose the game. We deserved .... (win)

    vĩ đại win

  • 32. Why tự you keep .... bầm questions? Can't you leave bầm alone. (ask)


  • 33. Please stop .... bầm questions! (ask)


  • 34. I refuse .... any more questions. (answer)

    vĩ đại answer

  • 35. One of the boys admitted .... the window. (break)


  • Chia động kể từ nhập ngoặc mang lại đích.

  • 1.He agreed _____ (buy) a new xế hộp.

  • 2. I can’t imagine Peter _____ (go) by xe đạp.

  • 3. The question is easy _____ (answer).

  • 4. The man asked bầm how _____ (get) vĩ đại the airport.

  • 5. I look forward vĩ đại _____ (see) you at the weekend.

  • 6. The boys lượt thích ( play)_____ games but hate ( do)_____ lessons.

    Xem thêm: phan tich 8 cau dau bai tinh canh le loi cua nguoi chinh phu

  • 7. Would you lượt thích ( go) _____ now or shall we wait till the end?

  • 8. We used ( dream)_______ of a television phối when we (be)_______ small.

  • 9. Would you mind ( show ) ____me how ( send)_____ an email?

  • Chia động kể từ nhập ngoặc.

  • 1. I enjoy (collect) ______ dolls and it becomes my pleasure.


  • 2. My brother hates (do) ________ the same things day after day.


  • 3. Would you mind _____________ (watch) my bag for a few minutes?


  • 4. I enjoy _____________ (listen) vĩ đại music while I’m doing the cooking.


  • 5. He wants _____________ (buy) a new computer game.

    vĩ đại buy

  • 6. I’d lượt thích _____________ (speak) vĩ đại Mr Davis, please. Is he there?

    vĩ đại speak

  • 7. Please avoid _____________ (make) silly mistakes in this exercise.


  • 8. The children would love _____________ (eat) French fries.

    vĩ đại eat

  • 9. We tried _____________ (call) you but your mobile was off.

    vĩ đại điện thoại tư vấn

  • 10. They intend _____________ (build) houses on the school playing fields.

    vĩ đại build

  • Complete the sentences using the correct size (ing-form or to-infinitive of the verb in brackets)

  • 1. Anita demanded ___________ (know) why she had been fired.

  • 2. The horses struggled ___________ (pull) the wagon out of the mud.

  • 3. Do you ever regret ___________ (not study) at university, Peter?

  • 4. He only wants privacy. He can’t understand people ___________ (ask) him personal questions.

  • 5. I can’t stand my quấn. I have decided ___________ (look) for another job.

  • 6. This is a very badly organized project. I will never consider __________ (take) part in it.

  • 7. I miss _____ (go) vĩ đại the Ky Co beach.

  • 8. I couldn't help _____ (laugh) because of her funny stories.

  • 9. Unfortunately, we can't afford _____ (buy) a new motorbike this year.

  • 10. They practised _____ (speak) French with her foreign friends.

  • 11. I’m sure I gave him back the money. I remember __________________ it back vĩ đại him. (give)

  • 12. There’s no point in _________________ the matter. He has already made his decision. (discuss)

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