The (his)story of việt nam is so often told through the war & refugee experience that it may seem like the country has only existed for a few decades. But lest we forget, dig deeper & recall that Vietnamese people has a legendary origin: that of a rồng father và an immortal mother. 


Ba Mươi Tháng tư (April 30th) is an important day in Vietnamese history. It marked the end of a long & bitter sibling feud and has since served as a sorrowful reminder of the parting of brothers and sisters who came from the same womb. Half of the country looked down from the mountaintops as the other half went out to lớn sea, not knowing if they would ever speak to lớn each other again.

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But since the very beginning, this has been the story of the Vietnamese people. Our parents, Lạc Long Quân the dragon (rồng) and Âu Cơ the immortal (tiên) also could not stay together because of their disparate natures & had to lớn go their separate ways. Father, being of the sea, took his half of the children khổng lồ live near the ocean & Mother, being of the mountains, led hers closer khổng lồ the sky. Maybe this is why we ended up lượt thích this today, torn from each other.

And I wonder…Did Father cry seeing his children drown at sea? How long did Mother mourn her babies who perished on the mountains.

Even with the origin story of our people being so wistful, how is it that every time I hear the story I am full of hope & every time I tell the story to little kids, their eyes light up with excitement and wonder? There is more khổng lồ this story of separation. No, it is a story of beginnings and what is shared though we come from different hearths, though we come afar from different lands.

Today I will read this story, & I will tóm tắt it with others (especially little ones) lớn remind us all not of the rift between our people but of the proud heritage that we carry within our draconic and immortal blood. I hope you will too.


Original art by Julie Nguyễn

Disclaimer: There is no single official telling of this story. Like other legends và folk tales, it is very much alive, changing with every generation, with every utterance. Stories lượt thích these are passed on orally và this is merely one version. It was written lớn be easily read aloud, so please do! For more information on this story, please visit Julie’s blog, where she has done incredible research on the origin of our origin. 

Long long ago there lived a long prince known as Lạc Long Quân. All of his life he had spent in the underwater realm of his mother near the coast of Việt Nam. He grew tired of it, having seen all there was to see, so he asked his mother’s permission lớn explore beyond the ocean and learn new things. His mother agreed but reminded the prince that he would eventually have to return khổng lồ the undersea realm that was his home and responsibility.

So Lạc Long Quân phối out toward the nearby land. During this time, there was a giant fish that terrorized the coastal waters of nước ta and it would eat anything that came into its territory. The fish had a body of a shark và a head of a dog & it was soooo big it could swallow a ship whole.

Now Lạc Long Quân, being a long prince, was very powerful và very kind. He knew he had to get rid of the boss khủng to make the ocean safe. The sea boiled & raged for several days as they fought. Finally, Lạc Long Quân, wielding a flaming tree, lodged it into the monster’s mouth & cut off its head. The head landed among rocks và to this day, there is a mountain in việt nam called Dog Mountain, và it has the shape of a dog’s head.

The prince continued his journey onto land only lớn find that there was still much evil about. It was not long before he came upon a demon fox roaming the country. This demon had grown nine tails, each one an embodiment of its cunning và ferocity. It would go up and down the country, destroying anything at a whim. Lạc Long Quân tried khổng lồ challenge the demon fox, but it was a wise creature & hid in its den, knowing that a rồng would be at a disafirmitebg.comtage under the earth. But Lạc Long Quân was also very smart và he called upon the river to rush into the fox’s den. Flushed out, the demon fox was furious but Lạc Long Quân was able lớn defeat the demon by cutting off its nine tails. These became nine major rivers in Việt Nam.

The coast và the plains were now safe places so Lạc Long Quân thought khổng lồ climb up the mountains. He stood up there gazing down upon the beautiful land when he saw a white bird flying in circles, seemingly lost và exhausted. It soon fell from the sky. Lạc Long Quân chased it down but when he came to the place where the bird would have fallen, he found there a young woman và realized that she must be a tiên from the mountain. She was Âu Cơ, and she had been flying to lớn see all the beautiful mountains and rivers and beaches only to find herself lost.

The dragon prince by then was quite familiar with the land and its ways. He helped Âu Cơ in any way he could và it wasn’t long before they fell in love & Âu Cơ gave birth lớn a sac of 100 eggs. From those eggs hatched 100 little boys và girls. Lạc Long Quân và Âu Cơ gave them all different names.

Together, Lạc Long Quân và Âu Cơ raised their children, teaching them how to build boats & catch fish, teaching them how to grow rice and build tall houses from wood.

But Lạc Long Quân was a rồng prince & Âu Cơ was a tiên from the mountains. Lạc Long Quân was soon summoned by his mother lớn return lớn the ocean. He knew that Âu Cơ & the children would not be able khổng lồ live with him underwater, so the father & mother decided khổng lồ part ways. Lạc Long Quân would take 50 of the children to lớn live on the coasts where he could watch over them, and Âu Cơ would take 50 of the children to live in her native mountains. And with Âu Cơ went their oldest son, Hùng Lân, who would become the first king of the land.

It is thus that the Vietnamese people are đồng bào (same sac), cả nhà em of one khu đất nước, countrymen, brother và sisters of one land, whose home stretches from the Mountains & down lớn the Sea.

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~Bảo Nguyễn, Julie Nguyễn, và featuring art from Greenlinh

Julie is making her line-art available for your non-commercial creative use. That means go crazy with the creativity, cốt truyện it as you like, but don’t you dare put a price tag on it without her permission.

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