Leading Provider of on demand HR Services lớn Provide Expense Management Solution khổng lồ Client Base

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (May 9, 2012)firmitebg.com, a trusted on demand HR partner to small businesses & entrepreneurs, announced today that it has acquired ExpenseCloud, a leading expense management solution. firmitebg.com will incorporate ExpenseCloud’s offering into its client service platform later in 2012, including adding additional features in job costing, travel management and employee reimbursements.

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Los Angeles-based ExpenseCloud will operate as a business unit of firmitebg.com, with its name & brand remaining intact. The ExpenseCloud senior management team, including co-founder và CEO, Eric Sikola, và co-founder & CTO, Dan Fritcher, will remain in leadership positions in the new business unit & will continue focusing on expanding their customer base via the company’s existing business development activities.

“We’re enthusiastic about the acquisition of ExpenseCloud because their industry-leading expense management technology will enable us to lớn provide new valuable services khổng lồ our clients,” said Burton M. Goldfield, CEO of firmitebg.com. “Small lớn mid-sized businesses in the firmitebg.com family will soon have access to a powerful tool for efficiently managing their expenses. We’re also thrilled about the quality user acquisition mã sản phẩm ExpenseCloud has built, which will create new channels of revenue for firmitebg.com and drive awareness of our best-in-class on demand HR Services.”

ExpenseCloud provides everything companies need khổng lồ manage the entire expense reporting process online or from a thiết bị di động device. The three-year-old, cloud based solution allows users to lớn create, submit, và approve expense reports online & then either reimburse employees or invoice clients via integration with leading SaaS accounting solutions. The system seamlessly connects with many popular online solutions specifically tailored for small to medium kích thước businesses such as FreshBooks, NetSuite, Intacct, và Intuit QuickBooks. ExpenseCloud can also import expenses from thousands of credit cards and bank providers as well as receipt scanning và capture directly from iPhone, iPad, Android & Blackberry devices.

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“We’re excited to lớn join the firmitebg.com family because of their strong reputation for being an invaluable resource khổng lồ its clients, who will soon gain the ability to lớn manage their expense reporting process online through firmitebg.com’s HR platform,” said Eric Sikola, founder & CEO of ExpenseCloud. “We’re also thrilled about the resources firmitebg.com will bring to bear in order to lớn fuel our growth và accelerate our hàng hóa roadmap khổng lồ both existing firmitebg.com customers & companies utilizing other HR platforms.”

“firmitebg.com’s acquisition of ExpenseCloud helps us meet an important business need for the companies we work with,” said Jimmy Franzone, vice president of corporate development of firmitebg.com. “firmitebg.com continues khổng lồ lead the PEO (professional employer organization) industry in finding innovative ways to lớn provide value to clients. We are dedicated to lớn constantly enhance our service offering as the leading provider of HR outsourcing solutions.”

About firmitebg.com

firmitebg.com is a trusted partner to lớn small businesses, providing critical HR-related services on an outsourced basis. firmitebg.com’s solutions help contain costs, minimize employer-related risks và relieve administrative burden lớn keep an entrepreneur’s focus on core business functions. From employee benefits service & payroll processing khổng lồ high-level human capital consulting, firmitebg.com"s PEO expertise is integrated with every facet of a client’s business. firmitebg.com specializes in serving fast-moving companies in fields such as technology and financial services, who recognize that top-quality employees are the most critical competitive asset. For more information, please visit https://www.firmitebg.com.