On this page, we are going to share with you a complete guide on how to root your oppo A33W with SuperSU using TWRP or Custom Recovery. Here you will learn how khổng lồ root with custom recovery, rooting is very easy you can do it easily yourself. If you are owner of the android device then you know that rooting allow you khổng lồ use a lot of features. If your device is rooted, then you can run firewall lớn enable secure system on your phone manually. You can also remove unwanted apps or software from your A33W.


Rooting is the process that allow app android users to attain privileged control over various app android sub systems. As you know that android use the Linux kernel, rooting an game android device gives similar access lớn administrative permissions as on Linux or any other Unix-like operating system such as FreeBSD or macOS.

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SuperSU is a tool for rooting and it is an app. SuperSU always allow a lot of advanced management of Superuser access rights for all apk apps on your điện thoại oppo A33W that need root. It’s a strong security field and it has a great influence. Using this tool you will learn gurus, gamers & Android developers around the world. SuperSU by Chainfire & Coding Code Mobile giải pháp công nghệ LLC join R&D , CCMT is headquartered in U.S., committed khổng lồ build a green di động Internet security. We need to lớn thank khổng lồ Chainfire, who is the game android superstar and gave us root with SuperSU latest method.
Download Flashable Zip Files: tải về Latest SUPERSU BETA HereGoogle has removed the popular rooting phầm mềm SuperSU from the Play Store. We are not sure that where will you get that app. Magisk is also a best rooting tiện ích that you can easily customize your smarphone oppo A33W.

How to Install SuperSU smarphone oppo A33W Using TWRP Recovery

First of all, if you want khổng lồ install SuperSU then you need install TWRP Recovery on your smarphone oppo A33W.Now, download the latest SuperSU.Now move the SuperSu khổng lồ the root of your internal memoryAfter that, Turn off your device.Now, boot into TWRP Recovery mode by pressing “Volume Down + Power” or You can also try “Volume UP + Power” button 5 to lớn 7 times. See the below picture:
Press down Volume Up + power buttonNow you have been entered into TWRP Recovery mode.We advise you to lớn create a backup before begin anything else. Lớn take a backup, Press on the Backup button. See below image:
You need to lớn select the partitions including data, system, và boot. Now swipe to lớn take the backup of the selected partitions of your device.After that, now you can flash the SuperSU on your phone. Press on INSTALL button from menu and Browse & Select the zip file. See the below image:
Now Swipe to confirm flash. See the below image:
Finally, you have successfully rooted your oppo A33W using SuperSU. Now you need khổng lồ reboot your system.
If you want to to verify that your device have rooted, Go khổng lồ Google Play Store and tải về the any Root Checker tiện ích to kiểm tra the root status.If root checker ứng dụng says root access available then you need to Enjoy your rooted smartphone. Root checker app


Rooting will affect to lớn your smarphone oppo A33W data. Before root, you need to create a backup và save all data such as images, videos, and files in a safe location.

How to lớn uninstall SuperSU? Follow the below steps:If you want khổng lồ uninstall SuperSU, then here is a simple method khổng lồ uninstall.Open “SuperSU” app.Go khổng lồ the “Settings” tab.Now Scroll down and find the “Cleanup” option.After that Click on “Full Unroot” to lớn uninstall.Now you will see a prompt lớn confirmPress “Continue”.

tải về Latest SuperSU Apk

On this page, you can download the latest SuperSU game android files using these android files you will flash custom ROM or custom kernel of your A33W. You can also save your battery for a long time on your rooted device.On Google, there are a lot of SuperSU apps & APK files available lớn download. Here you will get a few of them, you can easily download SuperSU app android files for your device.If your device is rooted, Rooting helps you to enable secure system, và you have fully access to control your device.SuperSU is an app android App that will help you root your device. Using SuperSU you can navigate the notifications of any ứng dụng on your phone. There are lot of feature including the provision for temporarily unrooting the game android device. You can also permanently unroot the device via SuperSU.

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Download app android Files:

download Latest SuperSU 2.82.1 tải về SuperSU v2.82 APK download SuperSU v2.79 APK download SuperSU v2.78 APK tải về SuperSU v2.76 APKApplication FeaturesSuperuser access prompt/access logging/ access notificationsPer-app notification configurationTemporary unrootPermanent unrootDeep process detection (no more unknowns)Works in recovery (no more segfaulting)Works when app android isn’t properly bootedAlways runs in ghost modeWake on promptConvert to /system appComplete unrootBackup script lớn survive CyanogenMod nightliesIcon selectable from 5 options + invisibleTheme selectable from 4 options

SuperSU Pro Version

OTA survival modeFull color-coded command content logging (input/output/error)Per-app logging configurationPer-app user overridePIN protectionGrant/deny root lớn an phầm mềm for a mix amount of timePer-app sạc pin protectionAdjust auto-deny countdown
Disclaimer: Rooting will affect lớn your điện thoại oppo data. Before root, you need khổng lồ create a backup & save all data such as images, videos, & files in a safe location.