What’s the difference between Land Rover and Range Rover? to lớn many people, they’re the same SUV. Even people who recognize that Land Rover & Range Rover are different may not entirely understand why. Are they made by the same oto manufacturer? vày they have any similarities? Let’s take a look at what the differences and similarities are between these two luxury SUVs, and whether one is right for you.

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The difference between Land Rover and Range Rover is in the branding

Land Rover is the brand that makes both SUVs. There are a total of seven SUVs in the Land Rover lineup. U.S. News says that “To oversimplify things, Land Rover focuses on more mainstream (for the brand) vehicles. Range Rovers tend to lớn be larger, more luxurious, & more expensive than the other SUVs in Land Rover’s lineup.” The starting cost for a Range Rover is $92,000, while you can get a Land Rover Defender 80 for just $30,000.

U.S. News also says that while both Land Rovers and Range Rovers may be expensive, different models prioritize different things. This is where you’ll see more of the differences between Land Rovers và Range Rovers.

There are 4 Range Rovers in the Range Rover Family

Engineered without compromise lớn explore on và off-road, the new #LandRover #DEFENDER is built for adventurous hearts. Book a kiểm tra drive: https://t.co/izUFEabrq1 Photographer: Kirill Zi pic.twitter.com/jMyq4MtmRY

— Land Rover (
LandRover) September 10, 2021

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Okay, so we already know that a Range Rover is just one kind of Land Rover, but it’s not quite that simple. Additionally, it’s also a subcategory of Land Rovers. There are four SUVs in the Range Rover family. These include the Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport, the Range Rover Velar, & the Range Rover Evoque. The Range Rover is the good old classic SUV that you probably think of when you think ‘Range Rover.’

Then there’s the Sport, which is more performance-focused. The Velar is a bit more luxurious, & the Evoque is a bit smaller, as well as affordable.

Land Rovers are thought to lớn be more ‘adventurous’

If you don’t want to lớn spend the extra money on the high-end Range Rover, you may prefer one of the Land Rover models instead. The Land Rover Discovery is a three-row, full-size SUV that’s geared toward both cities and off-road. And both the Land Rover Defender và Range Rover can come with a 518-hp engine.

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The Land Rover Discovery sport is a smaller version of the Land Rover Discovery, which is supposed to make it even easier khổng lồ take your really expensive SUV on an adventure. 

If you want khổng lồ be green, there’s a Land Rover for that as well. The Land Rover Plug-In Hybrid is half-green with full power.

As you can see, it’s easy khổng lồ confuse the two SUVs. The difference between Land Rover and Range Rover isn’t always clear. Since they’re both Land Rovers, & there are so many Range Rovers in the Range Rover family which is part of the Land Rover family, it’s no surprise that so many people wonder what the difference is between the two. If you’re thinking of buying one of these luxury SUVs, you’ll quickly learn to decipher which is a Land Rover và which is a Land Rover Range Rover. (Hint: the cost may be a give-away.)