Learn how lớn create your own bill of lading forms, và discover why they’re necessary for the secure transportation and delivery of goods.

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What is a bill of lading form?


A bill of lading (BOL) is a legal agreement that covers the shipping of goods và products. This document is used by the shipper of the goods (consignor), the receiver of the goods (consignee), và the shipping carrier that transports the goods. Lượt thích a bill of sale, it includes details about the goods and the recipient’s information, but it also contains the delivery destination.


Since bill of lading forms are legally required khổng lồ successfully transport goods from one location khổng lồ the next, manufacturers, sellers, and trucking & freight companies regularly use them. Many large organizations work with logistics companies to lớn generate, track, and manage their bill of lading forms.



Why a bill of lading is necessary.


A bill of lading is actually two documents that contain the same information. These copies are signed by both parties when the shipment is delivered, và the driver signs on the carrier’s behalf. If you use paper forms, you’ll have two physical copies of the document. If you use an electronic document, you’ll only need to sign once.


A bill of lading can serve several purposes.



Receipt and title


A bill of lading serves as a receipt for the goods being shipped. It also represents the contract of carriage between the carrier và shipper. Plus, it serves as a document of title (DOT) for the goods in transit. In short, it legally protects everyone involved in the shipping process & helps keep track of goods in transit.





Bill of lading forms can also outline the freight charges, fee terms, & invoicing for a shipment. Some shippers are prepaid for their goods, while others accept a down payment on goods, & then outline a Collect on Delivery amount (COD amount). If that’s the case, the bill of lading can outline those charges & direct the carrier in accepting payment on behalf of the shipper.



Liability limitation


Bill of lading forms can protect everyone involved in the shipping process. If the goods are delivered in good order và proper condition, a bill of lading simply serves as a receipt. But if goods are lost or damaged in transit, bills of lading, along with liability waivers, can help resolve issues and disputes và outline who’s responsible for the shipment.

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Keep in mind, the kind of bill of lading form you use will impact the liability of each party. For example, a straight bill of lading (short form) is a non-negotiable bill of lading, often used for delivering prepaid shipments.