Convert abcd matrix to S-matrix | Convert S-matrix lớn abcd matrix

This page mentions basics of abcd matrix & S-matrix.It mentions formula khổng lồ convert abcd matrix khổng lồ S-matrix and to convert S-matrix khổng lồ abcd matrix.

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What is S-matrix?

•S-matrix is composed of S-parameters or scattering parameters.•It is known as scattering matrix.•It describes electrical behavior of linear electrical networks whensubjected lớn steady state stimuli with the help of electrical signals. •They bởi vì not use xuất hiện circuit and short circuit conditions.•They use matched loads khổng lồ characterize linear electrical network due to lớn ease at higherfrequencies compare lớn short/open circuit terminations. Following figure depicts 2-port network withs-parameters. A mix of linear equations are written to lớn describe networkin terms of injected và transmitted waves.


➨Sij = bi/aj = <(Power measured at port-i)/(Power injected at port-j)>0.5 Where, Sii = ratio of reflected power khổng lồ injected power nguồn at port-i Sij = ratio of power measured at port-j khổng lồ power injected at port-i

•Electrical circuit or network is composed of inductors, capacitors or resistors in itsbasic form. Some of their parameters such as return loss, insertion loss, gain,VSWR, reflection coefficients are represented by S-parameters. •S-parameters are similar khổng lồ other parameters such as Z-parameters,Y-parameters, H-parameters, T-parameters, abcd-parameters etc. •Following equations are used to lớn derive various S-parameters such asS11, S12, S21 và S22.


Let us understand abcd-matrix before we go through conversion between S-matrix & abcd-matrix.

What is abcd matrix?

•It describes network in terms of both voltage and current waves as shown below.•It is also known as transmission matrix.•It is suitable to lớn cascade elements since it represents ports in terms of currents & voltages.The matrices are cascaded by multiplication operation.


•Coefficients are defined using superposition as follows. •ABCD parameters are expressed as follows.


S-parameters are measured using VNA. Later they are converted to lớn ABCD matrix.ABCD matrix can also be converted lớn S-matrix.

Convert abcd matrix to lớn S-matrix

Following equations are used to convert abcd matrix khổng lồ S-matrix.

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Convert S-matrix khổng lồ abcd matrix

Following equations are used to lớn convert S-matrix lớn abcd matrix.


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