Samsung grabbed our attention with its "world-first" 85in curved TV at CES, but also unveiled its line-up of more realistic TVs for the rest of us to lớn look forward to


Samsung certainly caught our attention at CES 2014 in Las Vegas as it unveiled the world"s first 85in curved TV, but the company was also there lớn reveal its line-up of new TVs for 2014. Here are all the specs and other details we know so far.

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While there was no word from Samsung on whether its bendy TV was destined for production, the company did promise another world first would be coming to lớn the market this year.

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Samsung"s line-up for 2014 will feature the world"s largest Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV at 110in và the world"s first and largest Curved UHD TV at 105in among others.

According lớn Samsung, it has developed an optimal curvature of 4200R to lớn provide the best picture unique from a distance of 3-4m & to create the "ultimate immersive viewing experience".

Samsung"s tự động Depth Enhancer giải pháp công nghệ also features và will automatically adjust contrast for a greater sense of depth and give an almost 3D-like effect without glasses.

Meanwhile, Samsung says that all of its UHD TVs are future-ready thanks khổng lồ its UHD Evolution Kit – in addition to supporting today"s standards such as HEVC, HDMI 2.0 & more.

The UHD Evolution Kit will let viewers upgrade their sets if 4K specification changes, while a new Quad bộ vi xử lý core processor will make Samsung"s Smart TV experience much faster.

So, khổng lồ the Samsung 2014 TVs...

Samsung 2014 4K TV line-up:


Samsung 105in curved UHD TV

With its expansive display và curved design, this, says Samsung, is the largest TV ever with a movie theatre aspect ratio of 21:9 to lớn provide a truly cinematic viewing experience in the home.

- 4K Content

- Full HD and HD sources

- 11 million pixels for unmatched resolution

- Audio Depth Enhancer technology

European launch plans for the 105in curved UHD TV are yet to lớn be confirmed.

Samsung U9000 Series UHD TVs

- All-new curved consumer range

- Available in three screen sizes (55in, 65in và 78in)

- Wall-mountable

Samsung U8500 Series UHD TVs

Curved khung factor, quality design and superb UHD picture chất lượng offer an impressive immersive viewing experience, as well as incredibly detailed colour with no loss of detail.

- Available in five screen sizes (50in, 55in, 60in, 65in và 75in)

- Wall-mountable with special kit, compatible with VESA Standards

- Claims balanced and uniform viewing distance across all areas of the screen

- Two times the enhanced contrast ratio compared with flat TVs

Samsung S9 Series 4K Ultra HD TVs

The S9 series include the world"s largest UHD display at 110in, as well as its "Frame TV" – the design which Samsung says is a breakthrough concept that moves away from the typical quadrilateral kiến thiết of large screen TVs.

European launch plans for the 110in mã sản phẩm are yet to be confirmed.

Samsung U7500 Series 4K Ultra HD TVs

These models will not only analyse the signal source và reduce artefacts, but will insert details based on the information from a picture unique database embedded in the TV"s system-on-chip.

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- 1.2in thin và 7mm-wide bezel

- Advanced UHD picture quality

We"ll bring you more information about Samsung"s new TV releases for 2014 as & when we get it.